Achterveld is located in the municipality of Leusden (in 2017 announced for best walking area of the year), where you can enjoy a wonderful walk on the ‘Klompenpaden’, cycle through the Gelderse Vallei and Veluwe or explore the area on rollerskates. Roller-skating routes are available and there is also a specialist shop nearby (Mijnten). Also it is very beautiful to visit the castle of Stoutenburg
(there is a very nice walking path for children, see: and property Den Treek.

We have our own walking routes through our meadow into nature, see information at the bottom of this page.

Got hungry from walking or cycling? You can cook an extensive meal during your stay, but you can also have a delicious meal at De Hessenkar, Nog Eentje or De Roskam. Also it is fun to go ‘happen en trappen’ (bite and kick), ‘skaten en eten’ (skate and eat), or ‘happen en stappen’ (bite and step. Regularly there is something nice to do in the area, for example in Achterveld, Barneveld or Amersfoort

You can relax at this rural location nearby the Veluwe in Achterveld (between Amersfoort and Barneveld). Ideal for a cycling or walking tour, or to visit Amersfoort. Also it is certainly suitable for a weekend trip with friends. We offer a walking route which is only accessible for our guests. On request you can drink fresh milk straight from our cows and get eggs from the chickens yourself. And when you sit down at the veranda, our cows come walk by.

Activities you can do

Football games: The course consists of 7 footgolf holes and 6 agility games, including footbowling, chipping, speed and distance shooting. See:

Evelien hosts painting workshops in her studio and on location. It’s often a day out with a unique and lasting result. Compliments are given to the canvas, collaboration is promoted, and everyone seems to be able to do more than they thought. A unique painting is also the final result. See:

In a well-equipped cooking studio, you can attend a cooking workshop. Under the guidance of a professional chef, you can follow a culinary cooking workshop of your choice. You can even set up your own menu. See:

Through a walk in our meadow, you can go to “de Bloemendeel” for a High Tea, lunch, or flower arranging. For reservations, see:

At Joystreet, you can hire an instructor to undertake all possible sports activities. You can even do boot camp with her on our premises. See:

With e-chopper Achterveld, you can rent e-choppers or fatbikes to silently tour the beautiful surroundings of Achterveld. See:

There’s an opportunity to take a herbal walk in our meadow with a naturopath and afterwards prepare a meal with the harvested plants. See:

From our location, you can walk to the picking garden in Stoutenburg and also reserve a High Tea. See: